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Change is nothing new for many industries, but now it's necessary for survival.

Season one of Principle, Meet Practice is sponsored by INSEAD and focus' on Managing through Uncertainty. Join Kyle Nel and experts from SU, INSEAD and leading organizations for bi-weekly discussions on what actions society, enterprise, and individuals can take to manage chaos and stay ahead of the growing exponential curve. Each episode will feature an expert on theory and a practitioner discuss a specific topic -- from the future of retail to the education crisis.

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Principle Meet Practice Podcast Episode 1


For many, work-life balance is always a challenge, but now due to Covid-19, work and home are more intertwined than ever. This can be fun for some, overwhelming for others and downright stressful for many. In this episode, we talk about strategiesfor both our current environment and in the futureto balance work and home life. 

In this episode, Kyle is joined by Jennifer Petriglieri & Karen Tay

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