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Future of Human Performance

Science is ever-changing and understanding how it affects human behavior is crucial. 




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Join Spark Live guest speaker, Brian Ferguson, as he explores our evolving understanding of science, data and human behavior using the archetypes of the Bionic Woman, Superman and Yoda.   

  • The Bionic Woman section focuses in on sensor and "additive technologies" that enhance our ability to understand ourselves through blood work, diet, the gut biome, wearable sensors, and full-body screenings. 

  • The Superman archetype highlights how the Bionic Woman archetype’s many features can be employed over a lifetime for compounding effects that lead to better health: strength, muscle mass, optimal diet/nutrition, and ultimately, longevity.

  • In Yoda's archetype, we think about life span vs. health span and how health is ultimately a byproduct of one's emotional + spiritual state. We'll explore the tension between modern technology and ancient traditions to reach wisdom. 

Arena Labs, Founder & CEO Brian Ferguson

(Location: Los Angeles)

Brian Ferguson has spent his career working in high-performance organizations, learning from leaders and decision-makers in national security, the military, and technology. He used those experiences to build and found Arena Labs, a company pioneering the field of High-Performance Medicine®.

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