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How can we reinvent supply chains for a more sustainable future?

You’re invited to join the waitlist for an exclusive workshop that will allow you to experience firsthand the logistical and communications challenges of the supply chain infrastructure as it pertains to the COVID-19 vaccine, and how emerging technologies can impact it.

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Join us Thursday, April 29th at 7:00 AM or 4:00 PM PST

What would happen if information sharing and collaboration didn’t exist in today’s vaccine supply chains and distribution? Initially designed by MIT systems dynamics researcher Jay Forrester, “The Beer Game” is a roleplay simulation that lets participants experience these exact types of problems. Since the 1960s, it has been an educational staple for supply chain organizations, business schools, and executive leadership seminars looking to overcome hurdles of the trade.

Keen to learn how it applies to today’s vaccine environment? Join Spark Live speaker and SU faculty member, Samantha Radocchia, for Race to a Vaccine: Supply Chains Reimagined, where she’ll provide a fresh spin on the popular supply chain experience as well as guided ideation on how technology can help reshape the way we approach modern supply chains.

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