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What is the future of urban farming?

Food production is changing exponentially, and with it, the allure of urban farming is accelerating. Imagine a world where consumers grow fresh food in their homes - no matter where they live - democratizing access to sustainable agriculture technologies and healthy food. 

Spark Live Session Overview:

Hexagro is a Milan-based startup leveraging vertical farming technologies to reconnect people to nature and provide democratized access to healthy food. Hexagro’s founder, Alessandro Grampa, discusses how their modular systems use high-pressure Aeroponics, LED light, and sensors for the efficient growth of fresh plants any time of the year. He’ll also cover:

  • The current food production market environment 
  • Agriculture-vertical farming
  • Centralized vs. decentralized models
  • The biomimicry approach
  • Hexagro’s envisionment of the future 

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Join Our Distinguished Expert

Alessandro Grampa

Alessandro Grampa

Founder, Hexagro

Alessandro Grampa is an Italian born food gastronome and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder, CMO, and business developer of Hexagro.

What to Expect During Our Session

Spark Live Startup Features are designed to showcase various startups in the Singularity University community and inspire our network. Session details include:

  • Title: Startup Feature: Hexagro
  • Duration: 60 minutes 

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