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We’re experiencing a time of accelerated disruption. It's an unprecedented moment of change, risk and opportunity for innovation. Singularity Group helps organizations navigate challenges through leadership education and development, connections and mentoring.

We help you Stay ahead of the curve 

Our robust content taxonomy spans all corners of innovation, impact and the technologies driving change. As a Singularity Member, you'll gain an increased understanding of topics like... 


What can robots teach us about ourselves?

Artificial Intelligence 

Is AI the Most Transformative Technology?

Health Tech

What will be the medical breakthroughs of the future?

Additive Manufacturing

What are the eight major industry trends disrupting manufacturing? 


What is social money? 

Upcoming Event 

In this interactive workshop, we'll explore how emerging technologies can help alleviate the logistical and communications challenges of the current supply chain infrastructure. As a Singularity Member, bypass the waitlist for this Spark Live workshop, Race to a Vaccine: Supply Chains Reimagined. 

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Past Event 

In this session, Tim Sanders shares actionable insights and frameworks to help you virtualize your company's value chain successfully. Watch the whole conversation for free and remember that you'll receive access to our full content library and priority access to upcoming events as a Member. 

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Exponential technologies are changing the fundamentals of how our societies, economies and governments work, and we must use them with care and wisdom to ensure they benefit all. 

At Singularity Group, we: 

  • 👉 Help entrepreneurial leaders and their teams better understand exponential technologies and the implications for their industries
  • 👉 Engage these leaders in a global network that also cares about advancing the 4 P’s: People, Planet, Profit, Purpose  
  • 👉 Ensure that understanding is encouraged through rich and relevant content, and action is enabled through our engaged global communities

Exponential technology makes it possible, but it takes an exponential mindset to make it happen. Become a member and join us in our mission to positively impact 1 Billion people.

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We believe commercial success and positive impact Should be equally important 

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Shareholders, customers and employees increasingly require their company to be a good steward of the planet. 

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to align your companies' publicly-stated initiatives with specific SDGs. This unique approach allows us to calibrate the content and experiences we curate for your team with your specific impact goals.  

We help your leaders expand their understanding and engagement on how to leverage exponential technologies for your corporate and impact goals. Our global network allows us to bring together leaders with shared priorities to learn from each other and from our experts to more confidently take positive action in their companies.


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We work with 250,000 people like you...


Disruption is a constant. Is your organization controlling the disruption or is it sitting in its crosshairs?


Ideas need nurturing to grow into plans for change. The sharpest minds in the world work best when they can collaborate and share.


NGOs and nonprofits tackling the world's most difficult challenges work with the community to bring ideas to reality.


Ideas are fragile without nurture and support. Startups get connected with essential financing and partners.


Nothing happens without the funding. We pool the best talent and pressure-test their ideas with a global community.


Tech and government working together on research can untangle the most difficult Gordian knot.


Join us and together we can impact a billion people

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