Virtual Salon
Want Not: The Great Global Food Waste Disruption

Thursday, July 9th
9-10am PT

Surplus and waste are among the most pressing problems facing (and opportunities for disruptive thinking around) the global food supply. Environmentally, economically, municipally, and ethically, it grows consistently as one of the great challenges of our time. In this Next:Food virtual salon, we’ll explain how this problem is created, the consequences that will confront us from it, the next class of innovators working towards disrupting it, the fates we will face if we do nothing, and the great rewards to be harvested if we do.



Abi Ramanan
Founder, ImpactVision

David Hunt
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Cainthus

Iseult Ward
Co-Founder & CEO, FoodCloud

Alix Rübsaam
Faculty Fellow, Singularity University

Abi Ramanan
founded ImpactVision, a machine learning company applying hyperspectral imaging technology to food supply chains to reduce waste, maximize yields and improve quality. The company was acquired in February 2020. Prior to ImpactVision, Abi founded Papi's Pickles and DayOld, both food social enterprises addressing employment in refugee and migrant communities, food waste and child hunger. Abi is an experienced campaigner at organizations including the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, the Fairtrade Foundation, and Sustain: the Alliance for Better Food & Farming.

David Hunt started his career as a corporate banker, but had long been fascinated by the opportunities to use emerging technology in various agricultural areas. In 2016 he co-founded Cainthus, which uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to observe nutritional, behavioral, health and environmental activities in dairy cows, and turns those observations into actionable insights to improve farm operations and animal health. David has consulted for the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Energy on sustainable agriculture, and the European Union Agriculture and Rural Development Cabinet on agricultural legislation and entrepreneurship.

Iseult Ward is the co-founder and CEO of the award winning social enterprise FoodCloud. FoodCloud has established two national solutions for food redistribution in Ireland: a network of three food banks that redistribute large quantities of surplus food across Ireland, and a technology solution that connects food businesses directly to local charities. Working with over 600 Irish charities, an average of 2,200 tonnes is rescued annually. Iseult is a One Young World Ambassador and one of Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders, among other accolades.

Alix Rübsaam is a researcher in philosophy of technology, cultural analysis, and posthumanism. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). There, she researches the collaboration between human and nonhuman (technological) agents at the intersection of humans and computational systems. As a Faculty Fellow at Singularity University she investigates the societal and cultural impact of exponential technologies. Her focus is on changing ideas about humanity in technological contexts such as Artificial Intelligence, (autonomous) robotics, information technologies, and digital environments.



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