Virtual Salon
Global Learning: How to Create a Lifelong Curriculum

Wed, Aug 19th
4pm PT

What if school never stopped? What if graduation was just a celebration of the next phase of learning? We all know that learning never really stops, but what if our learning systems actually supported that reality? If a "World Learning Organization" existed, what would its first priority be?  What would it look like if every child (and adult) had access to lifelong learning? How do we embed creativity, resilience, problem solving, and continuous learning into our global education systems? We'll discuss these questions and offer potential solutions in this salon, the first in the next: Learn series.



Jan Owen
Co-Founder, AdaptabilityQ and Co-Chair, Learning Creates Australia

Kyle Hermans
Co-Founder & CEO, Be Courageous

Christina Gerakiteys
Co-CEO, SingularityU Australia

Jan Owen is a social entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author. She's the co-Founder of AdaptabilityQ, a global strategic advisory, and Co-Chair and Convenor of Learning Creates Australia, a growing alliance of people and organisations who are committed to lifting Australia through a new era of learning. In 2019 she stepped down as CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians after leading the organisation’s strategic mission for nine years, equipping young people to create, lead and thrive into the future. Jan’s lifelong work and commitment to unleashing the talent of young people, driving social innovation and entrepreneurship, and transforming education has seen her recognised as one of Australia's ‘True Leaders’ in 2018 and the Inaugural Australian Financial Review and 2012 Westpac ‘Woman of Influence’. Jan has been awarded honorary Doctorates from the University of Sydney and Murdoch University in Perth and membership to the Order of Australia in 2000 for services to the Australian community. Jan is the author of Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime (1996) and The Future Chasers (2014).

Kyle Hermans has collectively facilitated, advised, and trained senior leaders of 120+ Fortune 500 companies across multiple countries and industries. He's the Founder and CEO of Be Courageous, a global growth platform helping leaders and their organizations master their exponential future through courageous breakthroughs in culture transformation, enterprise strategy, insight-led innovation, design science, and impactful organizational engagement. Kyle has held the positions of Partner at Lippincott/Oliver Wyman; Senior Director of Innovation Capacity and Organizational Effectiveness at GAP Inc. (across a portfolio of six global brands); Senior Director of Employee Experience at Old Navy; and Principal of Synecticsworld, the premier global innovation consultancy. Kyle holds a BA in Marketing and Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa.

Christina Gerakiteys is Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia. After attending the Executive Program at SingularityU, Christina opened the first SingularityU Chapter in Australia in April 2018. She is the host of the SingularityU Australia Summit podcast, Inspire for 5. Christina is passionate about experiential learning and is a sought after corporate and university program designer and facilitator, her curriculums driven by design thinking, engagement, purpose and play. Christina is currently writing her PhD in Creativity and Innovation, is a director on several companies, and is an active advocate for several innovation committees.


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